The Shape of Poetry: Carl Andre’s Typed Works

I have used the typewriter as a machine or lathe or saw to apply letters on the page. I really do feel very tactile using the typewriter. I never learned to use a typewriter automatically. I can still only type with one finger, but that made each operation of typing a very machine-like act. It was like actually embossing or applyng physical impressions on to a page, almost as if I had a chisel and was making a cut or a dye and making a mark on metal.”

Carl Andre, excerpt from Poetry, Vision, Sound 1975. From Carl Andre: CUTS Texts 1959-2004

Source: The Shape of Poetry: Carl Andre’s Typed Works – SOCKS

Manifesto for CCTV Filmmakers

CCTV filmmaking

MANIFESTO FOR CCTV FILMMAKERS declares a set of rules, establishes effective procedures, and identifies further issues for filmmakers using pre-existing CCTV (surveillance) systems as a medium in the UK. The manifesto is constructed with reference to the Data Protection Act 1998 and related privacy legislation that gives the subjects of data records (including CCTV footage) access to copies of the data. The filmmaker’s standard equipment is thus redundant; indeed, its use is prohibited. The manifesto can easily be adapted for different jurisdictions.